Information on the consent to be given to Fratelli Fantini S.p.A. with a view to personal data handling.
Fantini S.p.A.’s Web site can be visited freely by users without having to provide any personal details.
In case of enquiry or user registration in the reserved area of the Web site, Fratelli Fantini S.p.A. provides the following information on personal data handling, pursuant to Art. 13 of Act no. 196 dated 30 June, 2003 (Personal data protection policy):

1. Holder of data handling and data controller
1.1 Pursuant to Art. 28 of Act no. 196/2003, “Fratelli Fantini S.p.A.” – represented by its pro-tempore legal representative - is the holder of personal data handling and shall handle and store all the data provided by users at the company’s official business site in Pella (NO), via Buonarroti, 4. 

2. Purpose of data handling and type of the data handled
2.1 Data handling is aimed at allowing the user to contact Fratelli Fantini S.p.A. for enquiries or is required in case of user registration in the reserved area of the Web site, which can be accessed after obtaining access credentials (username and password).
2.2 The required data concern personal details such as company name, name and surname of individuals, address, tel. no., e-mail address, customer code. 
2.3 Personal data shall only be handled with a view to the purpose of the enquiry or access to the reserved area, such as:
a) Replying to the user’s enquiry on technical or trading topics, as well as sending catalogues;
b) Handling business relationships, including all the relevant activities, such as: 
- collecting all the preliminary information with a view to signing business agreements;
- accounting (issuing invoices, making payments and the like);
- handling all the paperwork required to protect Fratelli Fantini S.p.A.’s credit position arising from business contracts;
c) performing marketing activities by sending advertising and information material or promotional communications by regular mail, e-mail, texts, MMS as well as market surveys or customer satisfaction surveys. 

3. Data handling method
3.1 All personal data shall be handled in digital, electronic and printed format, and stored in Fratelli Fantini’s database, that can be accessed by all the operators appointed by the holder as data processors, who are entrusted with all the required processing, use and reference operations as well as any other operations required to ensure data protection, safety, accuracy and update in accordance with the intended use.

4. Scope of data supply and handling
4.1 Data supply, as referred to in item 2.2 above, and the relevant handling are mandatory within the scope of the activities referred to in item 2.3 sub a) and b) above. Should the user refuse to provide the data marked with a star (*) Fratelli Fantini S.p.A. will not be able to perform the activities requested by the user.
4.2 The consent to data handling referred to in item 2.2 above within the scope of the aims stated in item 2.3 sub c) is optional. Failure to give such consent to data handling shall prevent Fratelli Fantini S.p.A. from contacting the user for the purposes referred to in the aforementioned item. 

5. Scope of data communication and dissemination
5.1 In no case shall the holder of data handling make any stored personal data public. 
5.2 Within the scope of the said activities, personal data may be given to companies and/or individuals, both in Italy and abroad, namely, within the EU – pursuant to Art. 42 of Act no. 196/2003 – as well as in non-EU countries, in the latter case subject to the restrictions and conditions provided by law.
5.3 Personal data shall moreover be given to third parties included in the following groups and categories:
- Fratelli Fantini S.p.A.’s sales network (agents, dealers, distributors, retailers, brokers);
- suppliers of IT services to manage the company’s IT and telecommunication system (including e-mail);
- company staff and contractors handling the management of file storage, whether in soft or hard copy; 
- contractors entrusted with customer service activities, including online support, such as call centres, help desks and the like;
- professional consultants or companies providing Fratelli Fantini S.p.A. with technical, commercial and company management support and consulting activities; 
- public bodies and government agencies entitled to perform tax and compliance assessments and inspections;
- bodies and agencies performing the inspection, auditing and certification of Fratelli Fantini S.p.A.’s business activities, also operating to protect the customers’ interests; 
- banks as well as insurance and banking companies in the performance of their insurance and financial activities (such as payments, collection and cashing services, funding);
- service companies, with a view to the collection, recording and handling of data originating from records provided and created by the customers themselves for processing payments, bills, cheques and other financial instruments.
5.4 The individuals and bodies falling within the aforementioned groups are fully independent when acting as holders of data handling. A full list of the said individuals and bodies is constantly updated and made available at Fratelli Fantini S.p.A.’s business site. 
5.5 Any communication or notice to other entities than the aforementioned ones shall only be made upon prior express consent given by the person concerned. Data recording and forwarding through the Internet is protected by means of updated technology of common use. 

6. User’s rights
6.1 With regard to the aforementioned data handling, users may exert their rights pursuant to Art. 7 of Act no. 196/2003, such as:
- obtain an acknowledgment of the existence of data concerning them, be informed of the contents and origin of the same, check the correctness of the said data and request the amendment or update of the same; 
- request to be removed from the list of registered users at any time, by forwarding a written request by e-mail to the following address: __________________;
- oppose the handling of data concerning them, held and used to forward advertising material or perform market surveys or customer satisfaction surveys. 

7. Cookies
Cookies policy

8. Access to third parties’ Web sites linked to our Web site 
8.1 The information herein is only provided with reference to www.fantini.it Web site and does not concern any other linked Web sites that the user may access through links present on the aforementioned site. Thus, Fratelli Fantini S.p.A. may not be held liable for any personal data supplied by users to any Web sites linked to this Web site. 

9. Amendments to data protection notice
9.1 The information herein may be amended for several reasons, including the enforcement of new regulations on the matter as well as the update or supply of new services, whereby users must regularly check for any variations in the notice herein.

Date March 19, 2012

The Holder

Fratelli Fantini S.p.A.